Good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy II

Hi all!

As mentioned in my previous post, I will detail in this one some of the measures I’ve adopted since being pregnant. It has not been always easy, but necessary, simply because we are not used to certain things on our daily basis.
Anyway, things that I had to take care of:

– Cheeses: I LOVE Cheese. Any cheese, in all its forms. I just LOVE it. I could eat cheese every day, easily. But now, one very important thing that I have been very careful with is that the cheese I eat should be pasteurised. That’s because of the listeria, which is a bacterium that can cause serious problems to your baby, so it is very important to take it into account when being pregnant! I have read that the most ‘dangerous’ cheeses are soft cheeses, which always should be pasteurised, but not necessarily for mature cheeses. Nonetheless, I decided to eat only pasteurised cheeses, to be on the safe side.
On the other hand, there is also another kind of cheeses that pasteurised or not, I cannot eat at this moment: blue cheeses or the Camembert type. This is because of the bacteria already used to make them, which can be also dangerous for the fetus.
– Fruit and vegetables: I eat loads of them, I’ve always done so and I feel very good eating them. I specially love fruit and salads (all kind). Normally, you would clean the fruit and vegetable very well before eating them raw – on a salad or simply as a snack. However, now it has been also important for me to peel every vegetable/ fruit that I’m going to eat raw. And then clean them well. If there’s something I cannot peal, then I would cook them.
– Meat and fish: Sadly, I love eating steak tartar, carpaccio or sushi… but no raw meat or fish should be eaten during pregnancy. I also like meat (not fish) cooked medium – raw, but now everything needs to be very well done.
– Going out: It seems silly to say, but I had to get used to mention in the restaurants that I’m pregnant (well, now it’s obvious) and to ask and make sure that any cheese on the plate was pasteurised – or asking not to put any sauces or cheese on the plate if I’m not sure if I can eat it or not. I wasn’t used to say anything on restaurants before, as I never had any dietary requirements, but I found it essential now to make sure that they understood my demands.
– Treats: I’ve always defended (and keep defending) the importance to give a treat to the body from time to time. I think it’s the only way to keep healthy, eat a little bit of everything and give us some treats if we feel like it! And now, being pregnant, we have an extra excuse. In my case, my preferred treats now are ice creams and dark chocolate! I wouldn’t eat them every day, but it’s not going to hurt to eat it from time to time!
– No need to say that I have not drank a drop of alcohol since being pregnant. Some people have told me that one glass of wine or prosecco would not hurt the baby. But being honest, I prefer to avoid it than risk it.

Those are only some things that I needed to adopt during my pregnancy, but also for my mind’s sake. I prefer to exaggerate (some would say) rather than being worried.

In my previous post, I mentioned how important exercising has been to me. Until now, I have been doing prenatal yoga, and now I started Aqua Bike. It feels very good as moving the water helps me feel lighter and it helps also with some of the perks of pregnancy – like some pains in the pelvis area or cramps.

As said before, these are only the measures that I took when I got pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that’s the best way to proceed. Obviously, every person and every circumstance are different, and what does work for one does not need to work for everyone. I think that it is necessary to remember that we should do whatever feels safe for us.

The only important thing to remember is to always take care of yourself and your baby, which will be the most precious thing in your life!


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