Loving hot drinks Vol. 2: Matcha green tea

As mentioned in my first post of the series ‘Loving hot drinks’, I wanted to dedicate one post to the Matcha Tea. Not for a particular reason, but I think that the Matcha tea has many benefits for us and I believe that it’s good to have this information to decide which drink to have.

Sometimes we only drink this or that, or eat this or that, because it’s “on vogue” and we want to do it to.

So, on this occasion, I’d like to share with you some information about this Japanese Tea and its benefits (if you drink it regularly):

  1. It has a lot of antioxidants
  2. It boosts brain function
  3. There are studies that show that it might help prevent cancer
  4. And others that show that it also can help having a healthy heart
  5. It helps losing weight – it burns calories
  6. It gives you energy and helps you focus
  7. It helps your immunity system
  8. It helps you being more calm
  9. It’s great for your skin
  10. It can help lowering the “bad” cholesterol

Also, you can also use the matcha green tea in some of your desserts 😊

I hope I brought you information that you didn’t have!

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